I just found this NOS underwear delivered in the original VW-Okrasa box, and signed by Roland d'Ieteren, delivered together with the Mach 1 beetle in 1964.

(nessary as mach 1 reached underwear-wettening/filling speeds)
I am looking now for a used Okrasa underwear Kit... to knew how fast, how powerfull, was the sensation in a Mach 1... :) Yeeeeeha !


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jeanphi356@scarlet.be I've just phone to Roland D'ieteren this morning to tell him about this special "underwear kit" but there is no way to have a new olsd stock one...but he told me also that if I want a very special one... mach 2, as he told me ...? it's possible to smell it and touch it... on is own office! ... but ... we have to take an appointement to do it... So !! what a great news !! the legend is alive guys !!! take your chance to smell and touch the famous "undewear mach 2" kit ... or die without that !!!
see you...

Écrit par : jeanphi | 08/11/2005

... felicitations Mr. Boss...félicitations aussi a madame

Écrit par : jude qui sait tout | 09/11/2005

HIP HIP HURAAAAAYY!!! Congratulations mon potte!!! donc bientot tu vas pouvoir enfin utiliser cette pousette des annees 50 :-) a bientot et une bise da ma part a Ankat

Écrit par : KOBUS | 10/11/2005

Big shouts to the happy family Hey, Boss, I guess I won't see you in Slough this weekend, congretulations with your new son and off course also to the mother... Have lots off happiness and luck with the new family.

Écrit par : Philip | 10/11/2005

JOSEY WHEEEEAAAAAALLLLLSSSSS!!!!! Felicitations aux heureux parents :-)

Écrit par : yvre | 10/11/2005

All the best Congrats with Your firstborn!! More to follow??-)

Écrit par : Kurt | 10/11/2005

go for it !!! nice underpants for little Gregory !! congratulations Bo$$, to you and your girlfriend !! ...keep on exercising for a number 2, 3,...!! there's lots of seats left in your Bus!!

Écrit par : gunther | 13/11/2005

Good luck!!! Congratulations to you and your girlfriend.
I hear thatyou did a great job. The little son looks fabulous, but no wonder
with a father who makes cars from a upper level.

ps: Now you now where you working for.

Écrit par : Beetleboy | 14/11/2005

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