hello oldspeed boys and girls

hello guys,if you want to make that one and bring it to oldspeed 2006 challenge,may be i change the restriction!!!!!!!!

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Rules & regulations? Hey Laurent,

I wanna join the Old Speed challenge with my Shorrock Supercharger. The only thing is that I have a '67 (model 68) 1300 bug. Do I have to put my Shorrock on a 1200 34pk to be able to join?

Please let me know!

BTW Congratulations with your newborn son!!!


Écrit par : Jordy | 25/11/2005

51 slam it on your split , jordy !!!!!!!!!!!

Écrit par : ffred | 29/11/2005

Won't fit...
A shorrock don't fit on 25bhp and 30bhp engines, because it mounts on the horizontal fuel pump stand...

I could use it on a 6v 34bhp 1200cc, but that wouldn't be quite 'period correct'... :(

Écrit par : Jordy | 05/12/2005

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