if you want to have a perfect oldspeed here's your chance:

julian hunt is selling his '52 panel barndoor.I remember in 1998 he tellme that only the metal and body work cost more than 15000£(approx 22500 euro) excluding painting!!!!

this barndoor '52 is perfect! Old fire bus with crazy bodywork(no mastic)slammed on 4 and 4.5 sprinstars, 1303 gearbox.Was one of the first oldspeed bus with judson 34 hp.Judson was broken one year ago.Recieve from all the vintage community of hessish BEST bus.......

Hope that julian knows what he does...certainly the same beauty of a barndoor deluxe in my eyes..too bad

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oldspeed yes bo$$ you 're right maybe the best olspeed bus i remember this one at spa in 99 cool bus

Écrit par : speedwell | 15/01/2006

souvenirs souvenirs... hehe, Karmann Konnection Swapmeet, Dormir dans une piece avec tout les p tit pieces du bus en re-assembage.... aaah, Inoubliable mon potte!

a bientot

Écrit par : Kob | 18/01/2006

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