my friend jean philippe (ex-73  capri blue beetle),a  DASMEMBER  was involved in a serious crash with his mk3 golf GTI..result :a big fear with 2 crashed footsteps( 1 very seriously),2 broken legs and a lot of injurys on his face and body but today he's alive and  i'm very happy to speak with  him ..

it's unbelievable how you see the important  value of  a  friend in such bad situation.

Believe me: enjoy every day of your live because tomorrow it's another day

...we wish him to recover one's health

If you want to let a message for JPB here no problem...or better call him directely on his phoneroom: 010431281

or make also xavier a visit on the  hospital:

clinique saint pierre  ottignies on the  4 floor room 4303

...he need you..thanks

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hey hey bonne recup Acid!!!

Écrit par : kobus | 24/08/2006

Be ready Big kisses de nous tous ....

Écrit par : Dav | 27/08/2006

Merci Bo$$ et merci les gars pour votre soutient !! à bientôt !!

Écrit par : jeanphi | 05/10/2006

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